Course Choices & Enrolment

Introductory Course

This course introduces you to the ethics and principles of Permaculture as taught by both Bill Mollison and David Holmgren. The topics are Ethics, Natural System and Design,  Cultivated Ecology then Recycling and Waste Management.  It gives you a good grounding on permaculture principles and tools and ideas for what you can do right now in your everyday home life.  When you complete this course you can move smoothly on to the Full Permaculture Design Course. more

Permaculture Design Course [Official PDC]
This is the Full Design Course was certified by and follows the original course structure and goals set by Bill Mollison. It has twenty chapters with a broad range of design topics ranging from ethics to understanding soils, appropriate technology, useful patterns, Natural systems, and community infrastructure. more

Refresher PDC

People who have already done a practical PDC come to us for our more in depth notes and personal tuition. They value the chance to revise and update. You can expand and build your Permaculture Design skills. Your fees are discounted simply by showing us your previous certificate. Many people yearn to learn more and find our course gives them a great back-up resource. more

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Diploma for Our Graduates

Permaculture Visions is now offering a Permaculture Diploma by Assessment only (not as a course) to our own graduates only. Minimum requirement is 2 years experience. Apply to your tutor for information or use our contact form.

Hybrid Courses

Some people enjoy doing workshops and hands-on learning with their tutor.  If this describes you, you can join in on some of our upcoming workshops. These workshops will count toward your online PDC. It can be a fun way to knock off some of the tricky topics in your PDC.

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Student Testimonials
Who does a Permaculture Course Online?

Our teaching method is a little different to school or university. We set out to be student focused, interactive, creative and personal. There are NO EXAMS.  We monitor your progress one-to-one. Our participants pace themselves, you set the hours and time to completion. more

*Please note – whilst we would love to be able to accept every enrollment we reserve the right to refund you.   We like to set limits and want to serve each participant well. If we do not have the resources on hand at that time to meet your request we immediately refund you and ask that you wait a little while.