Starting Out In Permaculture

native_raspberryWant to Get Started in Permaculture?

Some people like to start now building skills and knowledge in a healthy lifestyle.

Find A Place To Put Down Your Roots

Permaculture is not about a return to peasantry labour.

Get Started in Permaculture

It is about designing a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your community. It encourages a search for connections between people and their food.

Make a Herb Garden

Permaculture is only half about where and what we do. The social side of Permaculture seems invisible but just as important.  When we build skills to enjoy interdependence we lighten our load on other people and the environment .

What’s So Not-Hot About Plastic?

Build your skills, awareness and social life by doing a Permaculture Design Course and then develop your experience by working on nearby permaculture sites.

Our Warm Temperate Permaculture Plant List

If you tie a knot you won’t want to have spend all day working out how to untie it!!!