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Your enrollment with us is where your permaculture learning takes off.  We give you detailed materials and best of all, you get a personal mentor.

You can pace the course to suit you. Ultimately, this course is designed to give you skills and confidence to make your own permaculture design.
Here your learning fun begins!

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    Enrol with our world leading teaching project, get your own mentor, work at your own pace and become empowered in permaculture. There are just a few steps for enroling in your course of a lifetime. We would like to know 1. your name & country 2. your email so we can answer you, 3. please choose which course and 4. advise us how you wish to pay. If you want to know about other currencies, or special discounts for couples and groups, simply contact us.
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    Select the course you want to enrol in. Discounted rates are available for couples, groups and under-employed persons. Please contact us for discounts. there are also options for full or part payment. Our courses are delivered by downloads. You are permitted to print for personal use.
    The Introductory course is the first module of the full Permaculture course. The full Permaculture Design Course has 3 modules. All our courses are personally mentored and certificated. We are a Quality Permaculture Institute upholding and leading the industry standards. Endorsed and supported by Bill Mollison. We work to stay current and informed about worldwide permaculture issues.
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  • Simply Contact Us for other currencies. When you apply to study with us you get immediate access to the start of the course. If we cannot enrol you at this time (this is highly unlikely) please accept our gift of free access to the first file. Your money will be returned in full immediately.
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Here is how we work for you


Here is a quick sketch illustrating how our system works. Your enrollment online is automatically sent to us from the web-page. We approve and process this enrollment during our next business day. You will receive a request for payment.  The passwords for files after the Ethics topic are sent once you have paid. Finally you download the course notes and send your homework to your tutor.

Here is our procedure for your enrollment

  1. Once you have filled out the enrollment form,  please go ahead with your payment.
  2. When we receive your fees we send you a welcome letter with passwords.
  3. You can start sending homework immediately.
  4. Use the date of your enrollment as your student number.
  5. If you are unable to pay, please let us know so we can help.

Welcome and enjoy the course. Talk soon!