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Hello! so nice you found us. We are the little pioneers of online permaculture training and mentorship. We have been quietly working online for more than 20 years experience and have served 60 countries.  We proudly specialise in personally mentored, affordable online courses in Permaculture. These days earth_repair_kit we see lots of online courses in permaculture. We are still here, staying small so we can remain experienced and diligent.  We aim to help you as a valuable individual in your community, help you to be more productive, empowered and passionate about creating a better world.

You can Enrol online with us and start right now.  Ours is the longest running permaculture webpage and award winning best practice permaculture course online of the world.

How did we survive so long?.. grow such a broad reach?.. and become so experienced? It was simple. We listened and responded to our students needs. We have built a huge course database that showcases excellent work by international projects and students worldwide.

We are not controlled by funding bodies or governed by other school curriculum but we do follow the advice of the Permaculture Australia Association.  We are inspired by the vision of permaculture pioneers such as Bill Mollison, David Holmgren, Rosmary Morrow, Jude and Michel Fanton, Robyn Francis and many other great innovators in the Permaculture worldwide. We have always supplied tailored tuition on a personal basis. This allowed us to listen closely to student needs.

Now with decades of experience we have developed unique methods to teach permaculture online. april_sampson-kelly_bill_mollison_permaculture_visionsIn 1993, with the support of Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton we pioneered Online Permaculture Courses and continually develop our easy-to-use correspondence courses, taken at your own pace and place. Permaculture Visions provide online certificates and diplomas in permaculture. Our permaculture students are  in Australia & New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, South America, across Europe, Asia, India and many remote places such as Tropical Islands and Desert Outposts. Our unique participants have always been the focus of our research and our low fees enable people of diverse cultures to participate.  We are proud of our graduates work.

We offer a free ethics course that gives you the first chapter of the 20 chapters of our traditional PDC plus lots of free information.   We regularly generate free information, commentary, photos, illustrations, cartoons and designs to celebrate permaculture.  Permaculture designs healthy living systems based on natural solutions. Our organic and productive Demonstration site has developed several happy innovations.  We are a carbon-negative eco-business and uphold ISO and EMS standards.  Our vision is a better future for everyone by working sustainably with nature.

Here is a testimonial from one of our customers: “Thank you for a wonderful experience at Permaculture Visions.  I was pleasantly surprised to see the tremendous amogrow_food_permaculturevisionsunt of information you provide and the level of detail you offer in your modules. At first I wondered how a hands-on subject such as Permaculture would work in an online format, but I quickly found that you provided so much information and guidance that I was able to successfully implement the concepts in my own living space and really make the most of my experience. Your feedback on my assignments was always helpful and your thought-provoking questions made me think things through where I needed to. All in all a great experience. Thanks again. Blyth McManus Maryland, US”

“This subject changed the course of my life” Belinda P

All of the work at Permaculture Visions is carried out without grants or external supports. If you find the information on this site useful consider ordering one of the Courses or make a donation to ensure our work can continue. We value your support and encouragement.